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Links To Make You Think
As per your request, I'm sharing more links for videos on God and Homosexuality. Both of these feature pastors, and[...]
When “Them” Becomes “Us”
This past December, we were at our best friend's house having dinner with a set of their parents. I don't[...]
Changing Our Minds Video
In my recent survey, a unanimous request was for videos on God and homosexuality. With that in mind, I share[...]
Good News That Brings Great Joy
At Christmas, many of us read these famous verses out of the book of Luke: "There were sheepherders camping in[...]
How To Heap Burning Coals On Non-Affirming Friends & Relatives
Sounds dramatic, doesn't it? Heaping burning coals on someone's head. Hang with me, though, to see how effective this can[...]
Links To Make You Think
It's time to share more links to make you think! I started reading a blog this past week and thought[...]

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