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From the Blog

Links To Make You Think
At least once a month, I'd like to pass on web links relevant to the lgbtq+ topic. Some are intended[...]
When Your Family Is No Longer The Picture-Perfect Poster For Christianity
I used to have a picture in my head of the perfect Christian family. It was formed after many "how-to"[...]
A Meditation For Anxiety
Meditation is all the rage lately. You can download apps, read articles on its benefits, and hear influencers tout its[...]
God’s Agenda
One of the most volatile subjects in American Christianity today is homosexuality. If an outsider were listening in on specific[...]
How To Keep Your Marriage Strong In Times Of Stress
My marriage is a refuge, but it wasn't always that way. When Tom and I were three and a half[...]
A Beautiful Response When A Child Comes Out
For many Christian families, having a child "come out" is one of the greatest crisis of their lives. Most churches[...]

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