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I understand the angst of having a dream, but not being able to fully realize it. I know what it’s like to get side-tracked by crisis, stress, or everyday duties.

Help is needed to think through the clutter in order to move forward again.

Or practical steps need to be taken to bring healing.

I also understand what it feels like to know there’s something more than the everyday grind, and wish I could tap into it. What’s the secret? How do we get from point A to point C while keeping all the plates spinning, and keeping our families in tact?

How do we become curators of our own life and not succumb to the stress?

Hi. I’m Chris Clements and a Certified Life Coach.

I love to help motivated individuals work through all these scenarios and move forward with the life they dream. It looks different for everyone, but it is absolutely doable. I find it an honor to bring out the treasure in each person I serve.

Private coaching may be for you if:

  • You want focused, customized coaching that caters to your unique season of life.
  • You want to create personal goals and action steps to improve every area of your relationships and life: body, soul, and spirit
  • You are ready for intense, one-on-one support and accountability.
  • You want to end your day knowing you lived a life of purpose and love.
If you’re interested, contact me for further information.

My fee is $50.00/half hour. You can book an hour for $100.00

Also available: couples coaching for when your child comes out. Same fee as above.