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Links To Make You Think

It’s time to share more links to make you think!

I started reading a blog this past week and thought you’d find it helpful and fascinating. Not only is the man a great writer, but he bares his heart in a way that takes you on a very significant journey.

  • The story starts here…
  • …but I particularly thought this post gives a touching look into a young man’s first struggle with same-sex attraction. I have a feeling you’ll be like me and click the “Keep Reading” button a lot.

Sometimes you’ll hear the terms “Side A” or “Side B” in the LGBTQ+ Christian community. Here are a few resources explaining it.

  • A very succinct description can be found here.
  • I first heard of it here.
  • This article is much shorter than the book but longer than the first link. I should note, however, that I strongly recommend parents do more research (and praying) than these three links provide. This gives you a start, but I think it’s important for you to allow God to take you on your own journey.

When my daughter first came out, most everyone I knew would have landed on “Side B” or worse, not accepting at all. If that’s what your experience is, here’s an interview you may find helpful.

Pour your favorite beverage and enjoy!

Much love,