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Links To Make You Think

At least once a month, I’d like to pass on web links relevant to the lgbtq+ topic.

Some are intended as food for thought. (Articles containing opinions you won’t hear in Evangelical church circles.) You may not be exposed to the ideas on a weekly basis, but I think they are worth reading and pondering.

Other links are purely for encouragement.

I’ll start with four this week, since a couple of the articles are on the long end. Click on the highlighted area and enjoy!

1.) A man rethinks his opinions on homosexuality.

2.) This letter from a Pastor is worth re-reading if you’ve already seen it.

3.) Interesting article on whether there is a “gay gene.”

4.) A great place to land when you’re not sure what you think biblically.

5.) And as a bonus, here’s a short blog post from someone who makes love his mission.

Much love,